We are truly passionate about what we do! Our delicious desserts are made from using only the best ingredients and lovingly created into something special and fit to end any meal. Below are some of the wide range dessert products that we offer. Ask us about your favorite dessert that is not on this list, we are dessert specialist and will work with you to create the perfect dessert menu for your dinner.

 All  of our dessert products have variety of flavors. You only need to tell us your desired flavor/filling and we make it happen! 

* Gourmet Cupcake

 * Gourmet Cookie

* Brownie 

* French Macaron

* Mini Pie 

* Crème Brûlée

* Fruit Tart

* Cream Puff * Éclair 

* Dessert Shooter

* Fruit Sherbet

* Mousse Cake

* Cheesecake

* Layer Cake - Vanilla, Lemon, Strawberry, Chocolate, Red Velvet, Italian Crème, German Chocolate ,Cherry Amaretto Cordial.

*Chocolate Fountain – Choose from Milk, Dark ,White Chocolate and Salted Caramel.



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